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The company is a long-term engaged in mechanical and electrical equipment business enterprises

General Manager

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Mr.Nelson Cui

General Manager 

Mr.Nelson joined Lisen Electromechanical in the winter of 2014 as the General    Manager. He has more than 25 years of experience in the electro-mechanical industry and currently leads the management of Lisen Electro-Mechanical in formulating and executing the company's strategic decisions.

 Mr. Nelson started his career in Changchun Better PUMP industry and successively served Roxtec, ABS PUMP and REGAL GROUP. In charge of Gear box business in Regal Group, he has done a lot of work to successfully carry out the business of Mastergear,Grove Gear,Hub City and Foote Jones in China. Since 2009, Mr. Nelson has been focusing on the development of gear box business in Asia. And in the Italian brand BIFFI electric actuator full cooperation to explore the Chinese market, remarkable results, in-depth understanding of the application scenario, the customer praise. Since 2014, the company has diversified its layout and vigorously launched the after-sales service of century-old American brands Leeson,Lincoln,Marathon DC motor and AC motor in the Asian market, which has solved practical problems and brought new solutions for customers.

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